Awakening Potential – Connect deeper with your soul & ignite your inner strength & power

If you are someone who wants to craft a joyful happy life and who is on their journey to discover their inner power and strength then you are at the right place.

Duration: 3 months; 12 sessions and chat support during the week; Price: $9000

Right now, perhaps this is where you are in your life but you really want to stop the pattern and is ready to take action to re-discover your inner joy and strength :

  • You find yourself overthinking
  • You feel stressed
  • Life’s challenges knock you down and you feel overwhelmed
  • You feel I am not enough and powerless
  • You are searching for peace and keep trying different things but in vain
  • You have a vague idea of your life’s vision but not able to craft a clear picture
  • You feel you are lost
  • You feel dissatisfied
  • Imagine tapping into the joy within you & feel  motivated everytime even when going through a challenging situation in life
  • Imagine waking up in the morning  and realizing you have a path to follow  and its your drive and its so crystal clear to you.
  • How does it feel to discover your inner peace?
  • Visualize an emotional situation and you have the ability to feel the emotions and then release it maintaining your inner peace and joy.
  • How does it feel to craft your own life,? You are the owner of your life and so lets craft a beautiful happy life as you want it to be.
  • Imagine you are going through a difficult phase in your life but still have that sense of joy and peace within which helps you to move forward.
This is why I created this program to help you connect with yourself to re-discover the joy, strength and peace that lies within!!

This is how we will work together to bring the changes:

This program will be a transformation journey which will :

Duration: 3 months; 12 sessions and chat support during the week; Price: $9000