Experience the transformative healing from Priyanka, where I visited online for my dad who is 74 years old to find relief from sleeping difficulties, pain, and anxiety, particularly those stemming from the aftermath of cancer treatments. This healing center combines ancient wisdom with modern techniques to provide comprehensive support for the recovery journey.

At “Selenite” Energy Healing Center, they empathize with the toll cancer and its treatments can take on the body, mind, and spirit. The holistic approach integrates healing modalities with contemporary practices to offer great relief over the mentioned issues.

For my dad who was grappling with sleep disturbances, Priyanka who is a seasoned practitioners provide a range of energy healing modalities aimed at promoting deep, restorative sleep. Helped in battling insomnia or experiencing interrupted sleep patterns, healing therapies were designed to realign the body’s natural rhythms and facilitate rejuvenation.

another issue was with Pain in the body and legs. healing helped with contending with chronic pain and acute discomfort. post some of the sessions we saw gentle yet effective relief.

Dad having another issue with Anxiety can be a persistent challenge during the recovery process, particularly for cancer survivors. session also helped to calm the mind, soothe the spirit, and restore the peace.

Finally, I would say we got relief from the lingering effects of chemotherapy and found solace and healing from Selenite Energy Healing Center.